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After wearing and buy RL Polo shirts since I was five I have noticed in the past 3 years that the quality has gone to ***. I always wash them in delicate cycles and dry them by laying them over a chair.

They use to last like 3 or 4 years tops, however now they barely last a year. The color fades after the second wash and small holes begin under the sleeve. All this going on while the price goes up. I remember paying $59 for them about 20 years ago and now they're $90.

I understand inflation but they also made them inferior as well which is sad.

Companies these days just care about $$ and nothing else, an increasing trend unfortunately. I will NEVER EVER by anything RL again.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $800.

Ralph Lauren Cons: Very poor quality clothing.

Location: Round Rock, Texas

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Noticed Same thing with Jeans I have bought in Oct 2017. Wore once then had drycleaned.

Net time I wore them they split at Rear Belt loop & Seams.

Called customer service they were of no help.. Purchased them ONLINE from RalpHlauren dot com too..


RL is simply another product made in sweat shops. You pay premium prices for mediocre, substandard fabrics and craftsmanship. All in order to have that silly little Polo player visible.


Totally agree. The material in these RL Polo shirts has changed.

I wash them per the

instructions, hang them on a rack to dry and they DRY WRINKLED! The only solution

with this new Polo material is to IRON THE SHIRTS!

That's not acceptable.

I'll buy Brooks Brothers or Croc or someone else...I'm not going to IRON THESE SHIRTS.


i agree.

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