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I bought a Polo shirt from Premium outlet mall in Orlando - Florida & after waring the short only once & after washing it, I found 3 holes in fabric which means it's a default. Since I was visiting Florida & I live in Egypt, I can't find any way to return it or exchange it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ralph Lauren Shirt.

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i am an avid RL fan and only wear ralph lauren ... this christmas i was given one hoodie , a rugby and a nautical design polo, the seams are coming apart on the hoodie and the rugby and also the knit was unraveling on another shirt , i mean really thats four items just poor quality,,, everything is being made in china now so a=quality is terrible !!


I have the same issue. I bought a long sleeve polo shirt from ralphlauren.com for my husband.

A few days ago, he wore it first time. I washed it today and I was surprised after washing and dryig to find some holes on the polo shirt. Those damage of holes very look like the picture Tghandour uploaded to this site. I can't believe that the polo shirt got some holes just being washed and put in a dryer only once.

The return policy says merchandise must not have been washed...., so that I have no choice but to give up to return the bad quality product. Who will imagine that just washing and putting in a dryer only once could cause some holes on a polo shirt?

I experienced a similar problem in the past.

at that time, I washed a polo shirt only a few times, and got some holes. I am so disappointed again to the bad quality of Ralph Lauren.


He feedback I got was to return back to the outlet store in Orlando - Florida while I'm living in Cairo - Egypt !!!!


Im sorry that happened but did you ever think that was why it was in the outlet store? A lot of the time they sell factory defects at outlet stores, that is why the prices are usually better there.

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