Sanford, Florida
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I purchased a handbag from Ralph Lauren site 7 Mos ago and just started to use the Newbury double zip sachtel about 3 months ago , today i notice the thread is coming from around the handle . I called customer service and was told two different stories one customer service representative said if the product was still on the Web site they would replace it then another representative said the product was too old and they would consider giving me a credit to use on their website .

Here's the problem your product is your reputation and if Coach replaces their handbag shouldn't Ralph Lauren . Maybe not but buyer be ware The Newbury Double zip sachtel is cheap and not worth the money .

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Ralphlauren Chriswell large tote bag. I too had a major problem with there customer service.

My bag was only 3 months old and the lining was coming undone. The msrp for the bag was almost &400.00. All they did was waste my time and give me the run around with there no last name email correspondence.

I had my receipt and all the bags tags and got no where with them. I am banning Ralplauren for life.


First off, Coach is a different company. So do not bring them into the story.

Secondly, we have a process that we follow for damaged items. If you don't like it, then get the *** over it.


I'm SURE you realize that the website was a fake site selling fake bags, right?

Like, that bag is made from plastic and cardboard.

It's a knock off purse.