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I was casually shopping at Sunburry Tanger out let store today, in Ohio. One associate kept following me and asked me if I needed any help three time in 5 minutes, even though I told I was shopping casually and I am good.

He was following me where ever I went. A second associate asked me fourth time and I was annoyed they were following me and I was not feeling comfortable shopping at this store. I told them in plain English and if they still kept asking me, I felt they are doing it because I was brown skinned.

I love Polo products. I have 6 polo shirts but wonder when Ralph Lauren started profiling customers racially?

Reason of review: Racial profiling.

Preferred solution: stop treating customers based on the color of their skin.

Ralph Lauren Cons: Racial profiling.

Location: Columbus, Ohio

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You'd have issued the same gripe if they'd ignored you. They don't need to follow suspicious persons around the store ; you're being watched from a neat little room by someone with multiple cameras complete with closeups.

The floor persons who may watch you are disguised as shoppers, not salesmen. You're being too sensitive and certainly would have raised a ruckus if they'd ignored you instead.

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Ha...ha...ha... I guess Mr.anonymous, you are not the sales person who followed me or some one from the store!!!

If a customer says in plain English that he does not need help, do you still keep bugging them? Also, I have been to this store before and to many other branded stores.

They will leave you do your shopping once you say you are fine. If you are not annoyed when you are talked to 4 times in 5 minutes, my friend, there is some thing wrong with the thickness of your skin!!

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