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Called and spoken to manager Yana at Great Lakes Michigan. I asked her how can I stop PRL stop texting me while I am overseas (it cost a lot especially when I receive text from PRL almost everyday).

She just said she doesn’t know how to do and “I don’t know..”. So, I replied “You are a store manager and yet you don’t know how, how am I as a consumer to know?” I then asked her if there is a phone no to call? She gave it to me but when I called, it went straight to fax machine twice! So when I called back again, a staff answered and I told her I just spoken to Yana a minute ago and I needed to talk to her again.

Waited long time but she didn’t come to my phone at all so I hung up n called again. She gave me another telephone, no one answered for about 13 minuets so I hung up. Googled for yr customer service tel, I called but again, no one andy after holding for long time!! Please STOP texting any sort of advertising to phone no.

313-808-0804 immediately! I do NOT wish to incur any unnecessary charges, it’s very high when sending to overseas. Or, please call me n guide me how to delete it or email me at (step by step) on how to stop it.

Thanks? Tess

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