Poor quality polo without uses, without being washed all whitish and frayed, 70 $ for a bad product I had shave him with a shaver to see if that fix the polo, disappointed with Ralph Lauren, I bought some Tommy Hilfiger shirts I hope these have a minimum quality.

Poca calidad de polo sin usar, sin lavarse todo blanquecina y deshilachada, 70 $ por un mal producto, Lo rasure con una máquina de afeitar para ver si eso arreglaba el polo, decepcionado con Ralph Lauren, compré algunas camisas de Tommy Hilfiger, Espero que estas tengan una calidad mínima.


Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Don't make him wear any more of those dippy shirts .


If you wear a polo shirt, you get what you deserve. How those things can still be around after decades is beyond my poor power of reason.

Making a grown man look like a little boy is degrading and emasculating. Try letting a guy pick his own clothes and stop following the fairies of fashion.

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