I have been buying Polo shirts for many years. Previously I didn't even have to try them on as I knew the quality and fit was going to be perfect, and it always was.

About three years ago something changes and the cut of the shirts became more and more ridiculous. No if you are going to buy one of their Polo shirts you best inspect it carefully. The sizes are all screwed up. Labels are not accurate and the cut of the shirts now appears to be tailored for a 12 year old prepubescent Chineese girl rather than a full size Medium American Male.

I now own about thirty Polo shirts however I am not purchasing any more until the quality improves.

When these I own are done in I will start replacing them with The Crocodile, as they seem to have at least kept making shirts that fit Americans. Good Luck Ralph, The Crocodile is at your door and he has an appetite for Polo Horse.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ralph Lauren Shirt.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Trash. Only worth $25 now and they charge $150 now, which they can do because they are still coasting off of the strength of the brand from the nineties.

I don't know about Lacoste. I wear Hilfiger and Nautica as they are often better for your money these days. I refuse to pay a premium for a fraction of the quality. Nautica is trash as well but I can buy for them for $30 and they're always on sale.

If I can find a Ralph for like $30 I will buy it but I refuse to pay more than that.

Best Ralph Lauren, for those that can remember, was in 92 and 93. Quality was good in the eighties too but the designs were really boring back then.


agree. quality has really changed.

i won't be buying any more. i used to think they were great.


Lacoste is even worse and many other big brands no better. What happened to integrity. I need some polo shirts but where will I get decent quality.

@Quentin Idr

Unless you're paying in the hundreds for your polo shirts you won't find good quality. Companies are not as generous with the quality as they used to be back in the nineties. Go to the thrift store and save your money.


I have searched a lot of stores to purchase good quality Ralph Lauren T shirts. The quality is very bad obviously they have changed their cotton suppliers .

I have three lovely T-shirt’s that I purchased previously a few years back and the quality is great. It’s a pity company’s do this as they like we valuable customers and reputation


I just tried to replace one of my favorite Ralph Lauren shirts and the one we bought is half the thickness in cotton cloth. You can see through it. I'm done.

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