Barnegat Township, New Jersey

Today I took a friend to the Polo Ralph Lauren children's store at the Woodbury Common's outlet. My friend spent more than $400 on children's clothing.

The cashier stuffed it all into one paper bag. Not uncommon, but not best practice either. Since it was raining outside, I asked for two extra bags in case the overstuffed one came apart. Simple request, easy to take care of, and the customer goes away happy.

Not the case today. The cashier told me only one extra bag. Two was too much. The manager came over and reiterated Ye policy.

When I asked about the policy the manager told me that they have a big weekend coming up and need the bags do others who might want to buy something. I couldn't believe the excuse ... Make a customer who spent over $400 mad while making a $20 customer happy? Great idea.

Later, my friend wanted to buy from the adult Polo Ralph Lauren store for other family members.

I talked my friend out of it. If you want my opinion, don't buy from Polo Ralph Lauren...

Today or ever. Buy from someone who cares about the customer.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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