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I am totally pissed off this time, the whole story you can tell from the complaint email that I wrote to RalphLauren company. Here it is:

Hi, I don't if here is a right place to file a complaint, and it will work or not. But I will try anyway. This is the first time I file a complaint for shopping in USA. That’s because I had my first very bad shopping experience yesterday, in Polo RalphLauren factory store in Tanger outlet Bluffton. It is all because that male store manager (short and kind of chubby)in pink polo t-shirt with glasses on. I feel sorry for RL as a famous company has such quality store manager.

OK, here is the store. I found this printable coupon from your website:


(link above)

There are two coupons attached together, the first one takes $25 when you spend every $150, another takes 10% off of your total purchase. The second coupon says can be combined with other offer. Well, that make you think you can use them both. First it will take $25 off if you reach 150, then it will take 10% off after it takes $25 off. I spent $160 there yesterday, so i thought i could get both of the promotions, but I was not very sure. At the checkout, the cashier girl told me i could use either of that. I showed her the second coupon said can be combined with other offer. So she was not very sure either. She called that pink polo manager over. He even didn’t have a close look at the coupon, just said either 25 or 10%. Well, of course, when you have doubt, you want some clear explanation. So I told him what I was confused about, and he told me, no, RL company’s system never let two promotion codes go through, NEVER! As he said, it made me want to try it out. So I requested to try the both coupon. The manager didn’t want to try, but the cashier girl is very nice, she tried for me. Guess what? They did work together, the first one took $25 off, and second one took about $13 off after that. She was amazed that did work together which that pink polo manager said it never work for your company. After the manager saw how the machine rang up, he acted like RL is his family business, said, no, she could just use either one for no reason and explanation. This guy was unhappy at very beginning, no smile, nothing(maybe a manager work for RL should be like that), and after the machine showed he lied before, he got very mean.

Here is how the store going:

After that, the girl saw me still had doubts, so she offered me to talk to another store manager. I said OK. She told the pink polo, guess what he said? He asked her why she was going to call another manager, the girl told him as the policy, if the customer had argument something and couldn’t get resolved with one manager then should see another manager(something like that, not exactly clear ). He said he is the manager on duty now(well, the big boss there, everything I said is the rule.), just need to see him, no use to see another manager. Then he said, $144 (the price rang up after used the first 25 off coupon only), EITHER BUY OR NOT! Man, what an attitude! This was the point really pissed me off. That’s my first time met a store manager mean like that, and he is working for RL that a company makes clothes I really like. Well, finally, I didn’t want to give the cashier girl too much trouble, and just checked out for $144. But the whole thing is , this pink polo manager treated the customers like piece of ***. He acted like he owned the whole company, and he was the authority, what he said was the policy, and no explanation (oh, the only explanation even didn’t match the cashier system.). The last words he said $144, buy or not, it really made me feel so disappointed with RL. Yes, maybe your company should be happy that you have a store manager that treats the store like his own, and try to save every little bit of money as he could, he did save about $13 for RL. But I do feel sorry for RL as a very good brand, has a store manager that is mean and can *** off a customer like me who never got pissed by other stores before. There were lots of customers in that store yesterday, I think that’s the reason why pink polo thought one customer like me just spent $160 is not a big deal to lose anyway, so he could be mean.

Ok, that’s the whole story about. I don’t how many complaints your company got every year, but this is one. And I don’t know how your company treat this kind of complaints, either ignore it , either do something. But I do wish I got something for all the RL products I got before. Thanks.

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If the way you speak is anything like the way you type, I can understand why he was upset with you

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