I am writing this message after one of the most disappointing experiences that i ever had in a shop. Two days ago I went shopping in Ralph Lauren,The Avenues, Kuwait.

I had to search the employees around the shop to help me as nobody was giving me the slighest attention. When i was finally finding someone, they were not even looking at me, at a certain point i even had the nerve to interrupt 2 of them talking. After i have been searching for some of the clothes on my own, entering and exiting the fitting room for several times, i finally finished and decided to pay. I have been waiting for someone for more than 5min with the clothes in my hands and when one employee arrived he went straight behind the desk, going past me as if i didn't exist, minding hid bussiness with his back at me not giving even a glance.

When another customer arrived wanting to pay, the customer asked me if i wanted to pay and only when i replied in a higher voice that i had been waiting for a while to pay, the employee turned around as if i just emerged from the floor and then he asked me if i would like to pay. At the end he apologised saying that he is very busy. I wouldn't have written this feedback, but i have just noticed that one of the shirts i bought, is a different size than the one i requested, one of the few that i didn't search for on my own. I didn't check the size, relying on the good service Ralph Lauren should offer, obviously my mistake.

After paying, I asked if i could leave the bag there to come and pick it up a little bit later, as it was quite heavy, but i was turned down immediately, the employee telling me again that he was too busy and that thing is not possible. Unfortunately, i didn't keep the receipt.

I haven't been treated so unrespectfully in less prestigious shops. Bianca, very disappointed customer

Product or Service Mentioned: Ralph Lauren Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Block 5, Kuwait City, Kuwait

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