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Dear SIr,

Recently I was delighted to learn the service having custom-made letters and its/their positioning on a polo shirt at the discretion of customers. It's fun and makes the polo shirt kind of unique. Yet, the rooms I reckon Polo can make improvement are:

- the complete font for the customers to choose from should include numeric too. For example, I love to have my car plate (i.e., FN 8) embroidered on two badges with one on each side of my sleeves (FN and 8). The present font does not allow me to have the 8 embroidered on one sleeve;

- the outline stitched of the badge on the polo shirt is brownish-gold. The sales in the HK Polo shop at Ocean Terminal says that it will be and has to be brownish-gold. I doubted as if this is the case, it is not custom-made then. My experience told that no one will deliberately highlight the shape of a badge. It is the badge per se that matters the most. An outline in one of the colours of the badge will only steal the attention away from the badge itself. Moreover, a embroidered badge directly on a shirt is always reckoned more exquisite (and possibly more expensive cos the wastage will be higher), a stitch-on one (being emphaised by a coloured highlight) tells people what it is not. My speculation is that it is possible indeed to have the outline stitch in the same colour as the backing felt of the badge (to make the stitching invisible), the seamless who did the embroidery of my initials as well as the outline stitching must be of the same person, she simply did not bother to change the thread to another colour (i.e., deep navy).


Prof. Frankie Ng

(Chief designer of Dickon Concepts Ltd which owned RL(HK) before)

Reason of review: Truly custom-made service allowed.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Ralph Lauren Pros: Satisfactory.

Location: 867 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10021, USA

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