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I Purchased polo socks frequently from macys and 22 of 27pairs devoloped a whole near the horse ,I have been a collector of polo socks for15 years.I never felt like I was a victim of bad quality merchandise when shopping Ralph lauren was disappointed! I complained to Macy's they said send an email. I felt cheated standing there with two bagsof faulty merchandise all from this year and they couldn't help I been buying ralph Lauren scince I was a teenager I saved babysitter money for polo hats socks shirts ect ...I hope this helps I need to feel customers are still valued

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What do you want us, on this complaint site to do for you? This is a general complaint site, not one for Macy's or Ralph Lauren.

I guess instead of worrying about buying that expensive stuff, I would worry about my use of proper capitalization, punctuation, etc. Maybe you should spend money and take some coursed on things like that instead of designer labels.

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