Herndon, Virginia

I had to change an expensive shirt that bled the color when washed. The store refused to give me a refund but gave me only a credit to buy another shirt.

The second shirt also bled and now I had to exchange it for one white shirt in the hope that it will not bled but I will never buy again from Polo Ralph Lauren and recommend everybody never buy from that store.

I used the Ralph Lauren store in Madison Avenue, New York City. It is shameful that Polo Ralph lauren charges more money for merchandise of poorer quality.

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I concur! I purchased the women's yellow corduroy pants and the tag on the pants bled - causing red stains all over my pants once cleaned.

I only washed once to have this defect. Now I am struggling to get a refund since I do not want store credit from Macy's. I am really upset with Ralph Lauren poor quality of clothing and high prices.

What a shame that the name no longer carries the best standards for their items. :(


I agree that the clothing is poor quality. The boots are also terrible.

I bought two pair and within one week both heels snapped! Not shopping there again