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There was a time in the mid and late 2000's I was a young adult, single, and always doing what i could in college to standout. My fragrances of choice were Ralph Lauren Romance, and Romance Silver.

The polos and button ups I wore, and invested any amount od capital on, was Ralph Lauren Polo.

I entrusted into the product, and stood by its quality, longevity, and worth compared to competition like Nautica, and Tommy Hilfiger, and their more affordable pricing.

Unfortunately for me, and all my loyalty to the product? I was completely betrayed by the company. The shirts started becoming less durable, and they were not anywhere close to elite level I had sworn by and stood by with all my personal investments in garments, and scent. They even discontinued the Men's Romance for men fragrances line.

Is still baffling to me as I always had a difficult time finding it in stock due locally in Kansas City, Missouri metropolitan area due to demand! All of my close friends, and even strangers off the streets would compliment the amazing one of a kind scent. Ralph Lauren is a brand, reputation, quality, and a tradition founded and realized in their products being so much better and worth the price of purchase. For them to forget what had made them so uniquely special, and stand out over everyone else is so disappointing, and unfortunate for people like me.

I will never invest financially into their products after this last purchase a couple weeks back. They have officially burned me to the point of avoiding their products completely. Not even a fragrance they produce that smella good will be anymore money out of me. Shame on the company, and people who are deciding what to push the market with.

They obviously did not pay attention, or survey anyone about the best Men's fragrances available, or the best qualities of their men's apparel. If they had? They would have been getting similar results, and feedback as mine. They have stopped trying to give the customer base value, and quality.

Now they are not trying to give anything, but they are just taking money on the basis of a long gone reputation.

They have officially lost what made them part of the truly great pillars in American Men's apparel, and culture for so damn many. Shame on you Ralph..

Location: 18809 East 39th St S, Independence, MO 64057, USA

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