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I buy very little because I am retired on a fixed income.

saw this lbd in macy's for I think 149 loved it but too expensive.

went to tjmaxx could not believe the same dress for 50. I bought

it in a size 12 and it fit me great (I had been dieting & lost 12 lbs)

wore the dress once this Christmas (did not wear to wedding)

my daughter did not like the way it looked.

ok, I wear and it is pulled in places that look as though I were

mauled by and animal. the bust area the front panel the back, sleeve and I am disgusted. went back to tj's they did not have

a 12 in the plain one. so now, 50$ less,no dress and I would like to get there any way ????????? oh, I had no jewelry on that could have caused this so I am really disgusted and disappointed in your product. thank you r.l. for a big let down.


Product or Service Mentioned: Ralph Lauren Dress.

Monetary Loss: $52.

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It's called "made in China" or similar Asian country, probably in someone's tent.